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Tourism of Berhampore

The city of Baharampore is located in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located right in the center of West Bengal, which makes it easier to move to both South Bengal and North Bengal. This place had as many as 305.609 people, and it also is among the largest cities in the state of West Bengal. The other cities that rank the largest in the state include Kolkata, Asansol, Durgapur, Siliguri, Barddhaman, English Bazar, and Asansol. In the year 2011, Baharampore received nominations to become the municipal corporation. The place got its name because of all the Brahmin families that resided here. This place is known to be the administrative headquarters of the district of Murshidabad. Baharampore is situated 200 km away from the state capital, Kolkata. The city is located on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi river.

Tourism in Baharampore

The city of Baharampur is very famous for all the tourists of West Bengal. The tourists generally include the local tourists as well as the tourists from across the world. Foreigners flock to this place because this was the first headquarters of the famous East India Company, who ruled India. The history of Baharampore is enriched by the nawabs and sultans of Bengal, the zamindars, and the colonial forces from Europe like the Dutch, the English, the Portuguese, and the French. 

Nashipur Rajbari

Nashipur Rajbari is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the city of Baharampore. This palace belonged to the royal family of Nashipur. The palace is grand, and it is located in Nashipur, close to the great palace that was built by the famous Raja Debi Singha. The palace of Nashipur was built by King Kirti Chandra Singha Bahadur in the year 1865. This palace is considered to the great Hazarduari palace because the features of both the palaces are similar to some extent. This includes the stairs in the front and the columns. There is a hall inside the palace that was used for entertainment, and the great personality Hirabai had performed here. Lord Curzon referred to the Nashipur Rajbari as, “a princely abode,” and he also said that it was a lot better than their palace.
Jagat Seth’s Home

The Seth family were known to be the richest business man of Murshidabad, and they were famous for lending money to people. The Seth family was very powerful when Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula was ruling over Bengal. The Seths were also considered to be among the most powerful banks at the beginning of the 18th century. The house of Jagat Seth is still found in Murshidabad and tourists flock to this place. Tourists visit this place to witness the history of this place.

Jafarganj Cemetery

The Jafarganj Cemetery is one of the most famous tourist spots of Baharampur. This cemetery had been built by Mir Jafar, and it covers an area of almost 3.51 acres. It is located on the right side of the Nizamat Fort Campus and within the campus of the famous Namak Haram Deorhi. The graves of the Nawabs which included the Najafi Dynasty, the Ashar Dynasty, etc. are present here. The Archaeological Survey of India take care and control the Jafarganj Cemetery.

The Kathgola Palace

The Kathgola Palace is one of the famous tourist spots that is located in Kathgola, which used to be the capital of Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa when the Nawabs was known to rule the district of Murshidabad. The palace is four storeyed and is located within the Kathgola gardens. The palace is well-known for the ornamental facade and the valuable paintings, the furniture, and the mirrors. There is a pond along with a baoli right beside the palace. This place is famous for the meetings of William Watts and Mir Jafar, after three days of Battle of Plassey. This place is rich in history and a famous tourist spot that should not be missed.

Fauti Masjid

The Fauti Masjid also referred to as the Phuti Masjid, is one of the most important tourist destinations that is located in Kumarpur. The masjid had been built by one of the Nawabs of Bengal, Nawab Sarfaraz Khan, in the year 1740 AD. This mosque is considered to be amongst the largest mosques located within the Kumarpur town and district of Murshidabad. This place is located very close to the famous and grand Hazarduari palace. The mosque has a length of 135 feet and a breadth of 38 feet. Tourists flock to the masjid every year.


Khushbagh is a tourist destination that is located on the western banks of the great Bhagirathi River. The name Khushbagh means the garden that has happiness. This garden is known as the garden cemetery of the Bengal Nawabs. In this place, Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daula along with his wife Lutf-un-nisa rest. There are graves that belong to Nawab Ali Vardi Khan and his mother. This place is filled with history and is a must visit for the family members.

Hazarduari Palace

The Hazarduari Palace also referred to as Bara Kothi, is located on the campus of Kila Nizamat. Kila Nizamat is situated in Murshidabad, and it is one of the most historical visiting spots for the tourists. The great palace was built by Duncan MacLeod, who was an architect. This palace was built under Nazim Humayun Jah’s rule. The palace is well known for the flight of stairs and the vertical columns. This place is now looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Murshidabad Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of Murshidabad is situated within the campus of the Nizamat Fort. This tower stands between the Hazarduari Palace and the Nizamat Imambara. Designed by a Bengali architect, Sagor Mistri, this tower is known for the excellent architecture. There is a heavy bell that surmounts the clock tower. The clock dial faces towards the east, and it was mainly for the passengers who used to travel on the boats. This grand tower cannot be missed by the tourists who are visiting the Hazarduari Palace.

Baharampore has a number of historical places located in and around the city, and there are hundreds of tourists who flock to the city to relive the history of the Nawabs and the British.

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